ACC Presents Stephen Belber’s TAPE

col_tape3-500x300Directed by ACC drama faculty Perry Crafton, the ACC Drama Department is presenting Stephen Belber’s one act play, Tape. The play is opening Thursday, April 10th at 8 p.m. in the Gallery Theater at the Rio Grande Campus.

Set in a motel room in Lansing, Michigan, Tape is a mystery about what did or didn’t happen in the past between three high school friends and what happens when one of them returns years later to screen his new documentary at a local film festival.

This is Perry Crafton’s third year at ACC. After getting to know the students and audience, he picked Tape in part because of its appeal for the community. “There’s also a current local trend for lengthy one acts and I honestly just liked the story,” Perry said.

The play poses universal questions through the presentation of a heavy subject matter. Matthew Stoughton, who plays Jon, spoke about some of the themes the audience can emphasize with: “One of the main aspects is living with regrets. How do you apologize? Should you apologize? Are there situations where it’s better not to apologize? Has the other person gotten over it and the issue should be left alone?”


Perry added, “The plays that really explore the dynamics of relationship do have a lot of these unanswered questions. I prefer plots that pose these kinds of questions – it gives the audience something to talk about in the car on the way home. Tape deals with date rape, sexual harassment, and revenge. Hopefully we can spark a meaningful dialogue about these issues.”

The play runs the 10th – 12th and the 17th – 19th at 8 pm in the Gallery Theater at the Rio Grande Campus. Click here to purchase tickets online.

All proceeds benefit the Dance and Drama Scholarship.